Spell & Curse Reversals

There's nothing worse than the feeling you've been targeted.

You can feel threatened, alone and vulnerable. Nobody deserves to be the victim of unjust misfortune, particularly if a mischievous Magick user has targeted you. Here at 7 Witches, we have the power to break and free you from such offensive Spells and Curses. We cannot always trust everyone to use the powers of the Craft wisely. These Spells are your solution to this misuse of Magick.

If you had previously arranged to have a person targeted by a Hex or Spell, we also offer Spells to remove this. If the person has learned their lesson, it can be unbound and dissipated by a Reversal Spell, which can be used to undo the effects of an offensive Spell.

Our Coven is capable of reversing the effects of a Curse or Spell. Depending on the complexity and power of the Spell, it may take some time to do - but we will get the job done.

Get back to normal. Let us clear any lingering Spell, and set whoever has been affected free from its effects.

Featured Spells & Magickal Items

Advanced Spell Reversal

Basic Spell Reversal

Boomerang Spell

Custom Spell & Curse Reversal

Generational Curse Removal

Reverse Curse