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Custom Spell & Curse Reversal

Just for you!
Just a few examples of situations where the Custom Spell & Curse Reversal can help:
  • None of our other Reversal Spells address your particular needs.
  • Your situation is unique.
  • You want to work directly with Madame Lacroix to create a Custom Spell for your situation.
If none of the available Spell & Curse Reversals seem to fit your needs, not to worry - Madame Lacroix can create a Custom Spell & Curse Reversal specifically for your situation!
Most Spellcasters can only Cast Spells that they know or have been taught. Very few Covens have the experience and ability to custom tailor a Spell for a specific person or situation, but luckily for you, the 7witches Coven possesses this knowledge and experience... 
So if you have been looking for that Custom Spell that will fit you like a glove - you've found it! Simply describe your situation to Madame Lacroix, and she will craft a Spell specifically tailored to your needs!
Custom Spell & Curse Reversal

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