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Wiccan Custom Spell

For your eyes only.
Just a few examples of situations where the Wiccan Custom Spell can help:
  • None of our other Wiccan Spells meet your needs.
  • Your situation requires custom attention.
  • You are ready for The Goddess to grant her Grace on you.
Need customized attention? Monique looks forward to discussing your unique situation and creating a Wiccan Custom Spell to help fulfill your specific needs. If you have looked through all of the other Wiccan Spells and none of them meet your requirements, simply explain your desires to Monique so she can find a custom solution. 
Look at all that Nature and the Goddess have created. A piece of the wonder and splendor of Creation can be yours by ordering this Custom Spell. The forces of Gaia will help find a solution to whatever your problem is. 
While other Covens struggle to Cast anything they haven't been taught, Monique - along with the rest of our Witches - excels at improvising effective solutions based on any contingency. We pride ourselves in seeing past canonized Spell collections to possible, previously unthought of Magicks. 
Wiccan Custom Spell

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