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The Custom Combo Spell

Mix and match.
Just a few examples of situations where the Custom Combo Spell can help:
  • You have a complicated, multi-faceted problem that isn't addressed by any of our existing Combination Spells.
  • You feel that a customized version of an existing Combo Spell would help your situation.
  • Your situation is truly unique.
Just as various members of our Coven are capable of creating single Spells, Cormac welcomes the opportunity to combine existing Spells into a previously unheard of Combination Spell. If you feel that your situation requires such an undertaking, please let us know your desires and Cormac will create a customized Spell just for you.
Most Spellcasters can't imagine a Spell they haven't been taught, let alone a Combination Spell made up of other Spells. That's where we excel: Creation and Creativity. In our Coven, imagination is paramount, and Cormac is one of our brightest, and he's looking forward to creating a Custom Combo Spell just for you... 
The Custom Combo Spell

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