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Custom Vodou Spell

Just for you.
Just a few examples of situations where the Custom Vodou Spell can help:
  • You have looked at all of our other Vodou Spells, and none suit your specific situation.
  • You know that your scenario requires personalized attention.
  • The delicate and even strange circumstances of your problem call for an imaginative solution.
While we try to consider every situation that one might need a Magickal solution for, there are inevitably scenarios that even the most prescient Magick user cannot anticipate. For this reason, we look forward to the opportunity to create custom Crafted Spells for your specific needs.
Simply give Bokor Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre the specifics of your problem - he has a long history of rolling up his sleeves to engineer unheard of Magickal answers for our customers. Allow him to create a Custom Vodou Spell for you.
Custom Voodoo Spell

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