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Custom Luck & Money Spell

Just for you.
Just a few examples of situations where the Custom Luck And Money Spell can help:
  • None of our other Spells fit your situation.
  • You are broke and/or unlucky and you need specialized help.
  • You feel like a customized solution is needed.
Just like in love, financial circumstances can be unique and complicated. If none of the other Luck & Money Spells fit your particular situation, the 7witches Coven is happy to craft a personalized, never-before-seen Custom Luck & Money Spell specifically for you. 
In Magick, it is common that Spellcasters can only use Spells that they know or have been taught. The 7witches Coven sets itself apart by our ability to create, which is, after all, the main element of Magick. Too often, this concept of creation is overlooked or not addressed by Witches. 
Tell us exactly what your situation is. What is causing your lack of money or luck? What special circumstances require one of our individualized solutions? We assure you, we look forward to casting just the right Custom Luck & Money Spell for your situation.
Custom Luck & Money Spell

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